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Hydrogen is a chemical element with symbol H and atomic number 1. With a standard atomic weight of circa 1.008, hydrogen is the lightest element on the periodic table. Its monatomic form (H) is the most abundant chemical substance in the Universe, constituting roughly 75% of all baryonic mass. Non-remnant stars are mainly composed of hydrogen in the plasma state. The most commonisotope of hydrogen, termed protium (name rarely used, symbol 1H), has one proton and no neutrons.

Appearance : Compressed gas. Colorless gas Odor : None. Odor : Mixture contains one or more component(s) which have the following odor: No Hydrogen odor warning properties. Odor threshold : No data available. pH : Not applicable. Melting point/range : -435 °F (-259.2 °C) Boiling point/range : -423 °F (-252.9 °C) Flash point : Not applicable. Evaporation rate : Not applicable. Upper/lower explosion/flammability limit : 75 %(V) / 4 %(V) Vapor pressure : Not applicable. Water solubility : 0.0016 g/l Relative vapor density : 0.07 (air = 1) Relative density : 0.07 (water = 1) Partition coefficient (noctanol/water) : Not applicable. Auto-ignition temperature : 560 °C Decomposition temperature : No data available. Viscosity : Not applicable. Molecular Weight : 2.02 g/mol Density : 0.006 lb/ft3 (0.0001 g/cm3) at 70 °F (21 °C) Note: (as vapor) Specific Volume : 191.97 ft3/lb (11.9830 m3/kg) at 70 °F (21 °C).

Hazards & Transportation
Hazard Statements
Hydrogen H220: Extremely flammable gas. H280: Contains gas under pressure; may explode if heated. May displace oxygen and cause rapid suffocation. May form explosive mixtures in air. Burns with invisible flame.
Extremely flammable gas. Contains gas under pressure; may explode if heated.
Burns with an invisible flame
Can ignite on contact with air
High pressure gas
Can cause rapid suffocation
Extremely flammable
May form explosive mixtures in air
Immediate fire and explosion hazard exists when mixed with air at concentrations exceeding the lower flammability limit (LFL).
High concentrations that can cause rapid suffocation are within the flammable range and should not be entered.
Avoid breathing gas

Purity 99.999% 99.9995%
Phase Gas Gas
Valve Connection CGA-350 CGA-350
Impurity Level
Oxygen (O2) ≤ 1.00ppm ≤ 0.40ppm
Moisture (H2O) ≤ 2.58ppm ≤ 1.92ppm
Carbon Monoxide (CO) ≤ 0.50ppm ≤ 0.20ppm
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) ≤ 0.50ppm ≤ 0.20ppm
Total Hydrocarbon as Methane (THC) ≤ 1.00ppm ≤ 0.20ppm
Nitrogen (N2) ≤ 5.00ppm ≤ 2.00ppm

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