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Medical carbon dioxide


Carbon dioxide is a compound containing carbon and oxygen. At atmospheric temperatures and pressures, carbon dioxide is in gaseous form. It is colorless, odorless, about 1.5 times heavier than air and a slightly acid gas. The gas is nonreactive, nontoxic and nonflammable. Solid carbon dioxide (dry ice) is formed at a temperature of -78.5℃.

1. Health care
Used for deep breathing and coughing to prevent or treat atelectasis
Used for close-to-physiologic atmosphere for the operation of artificial organs and in cryosurgery with insufflators during laparoscopic surgery
For cry therapy or for local analgesia by external application onto the skin surface
For transient respiratory stimulation
For injection into body cavities during surgical procedures
2. Food
Gas form
Used to carbonate soft drinks, PH control in water treatment, in chemical processing, as a food preservative, in chemical and food processing.
Liquid form
Used as a refrigerant when freezing food products, low temperature testing of aviation, missile and electronic components, as well as in fire extinguishers systems.

Product specification (CO2)
1. Physical  properties
Molecular Weight: 44.01kg/kmol
Critical Temperature: 31.1℃
Critical Pressure: 73.82bar
Boiling point at 1.013bar: -78.5℃
Gas density at 1.013bar: 1.87kg/m³
Relative gas density to air=1:1.522
Specific volume: 0.546m³/kg
2. Hazards & Transportation
Major Hazard: high temperature and inhalation
Toxicity: low toxicity, T.L.V of 5000 ppm
Fire Potential: nonflammable
Odour: none
Metabolic Abnormalities Disturbance of central nerves system. Unconsciousness may occur at concentration higher than 10%.
DOTE Name: Carbon dioxide
DOT Label: nonflammable gas
Identification No.: UN-1013(compressed gas)
                                UN-2187(refrigerated liquid)
Hazard Class/Division: 2.2
3. Cylinder data
Color: silver
Valve: CGA320
Water capacity: 40 liters (standard)
Contents: 50 Lbs
Filling pressure at 21℃: 51 bar
4. Gas specifications
Industrial grade: 99.9%


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