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Medical oxygen

Oxygen is colorless, odorless and tasteless. It is nonflammable. Almost all materials burn in air, burn much stronger force in oxygen. The atmosphere consists of 20.95 percent oxygen. At temperatures below -184℃ oxygen is in liquid form and has a transparent blue color, and is slightly heavier than water.

The principal uses of oxygen stems from its strong oxidizing.
1. processing wasted water.
2. food industry.
3. used extensively with in the medical sector, high altitude flying, deep sea diving.

Appearance : Compressed gas. Colorless gas Odor : No odor warning properties. Odor : Mixture contains one or more component(s) which have the following odor: No odor warning properties. Odor threshold : No data available. pH : Not applicable. Melting point/range : -362 °F (-219 °C) Boiling point/range : -297 °F (-183 °C) Flash point : Not applicable. Evaporation rate : Not applicable. Upper/lower explosion/flammability limit : No data available. Vapor pressure : Not applicable. Oxygen Water solubility : 0.039 g/l Relative vapor density : 1.1 (air = 1) Relative density : 1.1 (water = 1) Partition coefficient (noctanol/water) : Not applicable. Auto-ignition temperature : No data available. Decomposition temperature : No data available. Viscosity : Not applicable. Molecular Weight : 32 g/mol Density : 0.081 lb/ft3 (0.0013 g/cm3) at 70 °F (21 °C) Specific Volume : 12.08 ft3/lb (0.7540 m3/kg) at 70.

Hazards & Transportation
Hazard Statements
H270: May cause or intensify fire; oxidiser. H280:Contains gas under pressure; may explode if heated.
Major Hazard: fire and high pressure
Toxicity: high concentration may cause pulmonary irritations
Fire Potential: highly oxidizing
Odour: none
DOTE Name: oxygen
DOT label: oxidizer
Identification NO.: UN-1072(compressed gas)
                                UN-1073(refrigerated liquid)
Hazard Class / Division: 2.2
1. Cylinder data
Color: blue
Valve: CGA540
Water capacity: 40/50 liters. (standard)
Contents: 6m³/10m³
Filling pressure at 21℃: 150 bar
2. Gas specifications:
Grade: Maximum level of critical impurities (PPM by volume)
Ind.Grade, Purity: 99.999%

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