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Krypton (atomic number 36, symbol Kr) is a chemical element and a tasteless, odorless, and colorless noble gas, which is inert. It is characterized by several spectral signatures or sharp emission lines, and the strongest of them are yellow and green. 

Appearance : Compressed gas. Colorless gas Odor : No odor warning properties. Odor threshold : No data available. Krypton pH : Not applicable. Melting point/range : -251 °F (-157.2 °C) Boiling point/range : -243 °F (-153 °C) Flash point : Not applicable. Evaporation rate : Not applicable. Upper/lower explosion/flammability limit : No data available. Vapor pressure : Not applicable. Water solubility : 0.221 g/l Relative vapor density : 2.9 (air = 1) Heavier than air. Relative density : 2.4 (water = 1) Partition coefficient (noctanol/water) : Not applicable. Auto-ignition temperature : No data available. Decomposition temperature : No data available. Viscosity : Not applicable. Molecular Weight : 84 g/mol Density : 0.218 lb/ft3 (0.0035 g/cm3) at 70 °F (21 °C) Note: (as vapor) Specific Volume : 4.61 ft3/lb (0.2878 m3/kg) at 70 °F (21 °C).

Hazards & Transportation
Krypton may contain trace amounts of Krypton 85, a radioactive isotope. The concentration of Krypton 85 found in this product poses no health hazard under any plausible exposure scenario of normal use conditions or foreseeable Krypton emergencies. High pressure gas. Can cause rapid suffocation.
GHS classification
Not a dangerous substance according to GHS
Identification No.: UN-1056(compressed gas)
Hazard Class/Division: 2.2



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